Custom Print - Real Paper Cups

Print your brand on Real Paper Cups to show your customers you care and to promote your brand image! 

Easy Steps to Purchase

  1. Send your order details by filling out form here
  2. We will contact you with order details and to sort artwork
  3. Order sign off 
  4. Cups in production!


Single Wall Cups - 100K per size

Double Wall Cups - 50K per size

Payment & Distribution Options

We have two options, Pay As You Use or Full Shipment Delivery. 

Pay As You Use - we will stock the cups and send them out and charge them as you use them for up to 12 months. At the end of 12 months, we will send out any remaining stock (if there is any!). This is a convenient way to get into printed cups without the full cost up front and helps if storage is an issue.

Full Shipment Delivery - we will send you the full shipment once printed. This option is more economical and works well if you have your own storage or distribution warehouse.