Why Choose Kraft?

Why Choose Kraft?

What is Kraft? Why is it a great packaging option?

Here's the Cliff's Notes Version:

  • It's got big guns (Kraft in German means 'force') so it's strong enough to handle medium to high grease foods. Add a sheet of greaseproof paper for some extra grease resistant muscle power.
  • It's 100% eco-friendly and will biodegrade naturally. From eco-warriors to worms, everybody will be happy.
  • It's inexpensive - great for food, great for the wallet.
  • It looks great (and eco-friendly) or more importantly it makes your food look great!

We have Kraft Boxes, Trays, Pizza Boxes, Cake & Catering Boxes.

View our Kraft Range Here. They're 'Real Approved'.

Make a REAL difference - choose REAL Packaging!

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